Is it time for a spring clean?

Winter has almost gone, says I as I’m scraping the ice off the car again this morning!

Of course by lunchtime that frost has cleared and the clear sky means a lovely early spring sunshine emerges.


That spring sunshine however has the less than desired effect of bouncing off all those surfaces covered with a layer of dust, and the cobwebs which have kept the spiders in food all winter.

So now is the official time for a spring clean, well in my house anyway!

It’s a great opportunity to have a good old sort out and a rearrange whilst I’m at it.

What I tend to do is to take a room at a time, I take all my ornaments and bits out to give them a good clean and polish. I pull all the furniture into the centre of the room to give behind and underneath a good vacuum, I then tackle all those corners where the cobwebs have been un-disturbed all winter. Picture frames, top of doors, switches and sockets get a wipe and polish. Then finally all the furniture gets pushed back.

When it comes to bringing all the ornamental bits back in, I like to have a good rearrange and swap a few bits over to introduce lighter, brighter spring colours. Another great excuse for a bit of retail therapy.

A vase of fresh flowers and voila! onto the next room.

Do other people have a good spring clean at this time of year?

Do you do anything special to prepare your house for summer?

I’d love to hear from you



Is it time for a decorating refresh?

Our kitchen was one of the first rooms we decorated when we re-modelled the house. As we have gloss white units we decided to paint an accent wall behind the cupboards a colour that would make the white stand out against it. This bright teal blue was chosen to blend with the duck egg blue on the other three walls and provide a real statement.


Of course that was 4 years and since then we have added this painted grey bookcase bureau and have replaced most of the white stools with grey. Just recently I’ve started to think the bright colour is beginning to look quite dated and every time I look at it I think perhaps it’s time for a refresh. The trouble is what colour to choose?


I like the Laura Ashley pale duck egg on the other three walls so really we need to blend in with that. The white fireplace and gloss white cupboards also need a colour to sit against. We like grey and have grey in nearly all the other rooms in the house in various Farrow and Ball colours, so wonder if another room painted grey would be a bit too much?


Out with the paint charts and glass of wine and let’s see if we can make any progress and come to any conclusions, Wish me luck!