What’s Going To Be Hot in 2016

Last day of the holidays before we have to get back to work. I love the holidays with the long leisurely days where you can get up anytime you like and do whatever you want without clock watching. But I do know without a job you can’t have holidays or the money to fund them! Fortunately  I do actually love my job but the regular holidays are just right for a complete relax and refresh.

It’s in the holidays I have the time to think and reflect on life. I was watching Sunday Brunch this morning who were talking about how we know what trends are going to coming this year. One of their guests was a person whose job it is to go to the hip places and see what the trend setters are up to and pass this information to all the high street chains. It makes you realise why everyone has similar ideas, shops are stocking similar things and why fashions and fads are so here today, gone tomorrow. Even the simplest action such as having the top button done up on a shirt spreads around quickly as the way to wear a shirt.

Nobody wants to think they are behind the times. Who would’ve thought pulled pork would’ve started in a Michelin starred restaurant and ended up being sold in Greggs.

Predictions for 2016 include more wearable technology, lower sugar foods, calling our babies non gender names, Wilder, Jagger, Indigo or Blues,

hmm food for thought.

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