Let’s get this new year started

Friday 1st January

Son and his girlfriend are back again, this time for 3 days. It’s a funny old thing when your children go off to university you get all sad and empty nester, then they promptly return for all the holidays and you realise that gone for ever notion is not happening. He’s sort of in limbo at the moment, he’s finished uni, so no longer lives in uni accommodation but doesn’t start his Engineering job until February so he lives near his temporary job in an Adhoc arrangement. This of course means all his regular belongings are still here at home and his day to day belongings are with him. He seems to drop back home to collect another forgotten item on a fairly regular basis. I will be much happier once he has started his real job, he can then get all of his life in one place. He will at least feel at lot more settled.

When we first designed our house remodelling we wanted all open plan, kitchen, dining sitting area.

It was on the first visit by the boys and their girlfriends we realised that was never going to work. All the chatting, TV, cooking smells all happening in one room was never going to be bearable. Fortunately we had the opportunity to create a separate sitting room as well, for anyone who wanted a quiet space. It’s on a day like today that sitting room really comes into its own, I can smell a pizza cooking, I can hear son and his girlfriend chatting away and I can hear an X box game being played, it doesn’t worry us though, We are in the sitting room watching Sherlock in silence.

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