I Love my lightbox

Having seen pictures of light-boxes all over social media, I really liked the idea of them. A little fun way of leaving messages/reminders around the house, or to add words to pictures.

All the light-boxes I seem to be looking at varied in  price between £29.99 and £40 and upwards if you wanted coloured letters etc.



So when I eventually saw a post on Instagram which said they were available from The Range for £14.99, I decided I needed to get one. Our nearest Range is some distance away but this weekend whilst visiting our sons in Birmingham we made a special trip to the Range in Erdington and had a good look around.


Of course we couldn’t find them, but eventually once we’d asked a couple of different assistants, The last one was found underneath the Valentines Day display table.


The light-box is battery operated or mains, although doesn’t actually come with a mains adapter. So we put in 4 AA batteries and on it came. There are plenty of letters to spell lots of phrases, so now some imagination and inspiration is all that is required.


I did notice the image on the packaging was a light box displaying Christmas 2015 and did think it was very apt as this is very much a fad of the moment……..but we all love a good fad!