4 ‘Instaready’ locations for your day out in London

We have a tradition in our family that once we finish for Christmas we like to go to London to see the sights and get any last minute Christmas shopping of those unusual gifts you can’t pick up anywhere else.

Victoria train station on a December morning

This year as we have finished so late (for us) our trip seems so much later than normal, so we have pretty much done all our shopping however that’s not going to stop us we’ll just concentrate on the sights and the ‘instaready’ locations perfect to photograph.

Entry staircase to Somerset House and the Fortnum and Mason pop up shop

Since the summer we’ve been keen to visit the new Petersham nurseries shop in Covent Garden so this is our chance and bonus…. it’s going to be festive. We love the original in Richmond with its classic sandy floor and treasure trove of delights waiting to be discovered so I’m hoping the shop is the edited highlights.

Covent Garden in DecemberPetersham nurseries Covent Garden

As you can see it has all the classic elements of being Petersham albeit a bit smaller than I expected and also a bit too christmas, yes I know it is only 5 days to Christmas, but even so there were more decorations than anything else. There’s nothing else for it, we’ll just have to have another visit on the run up to Spring!Inside Petersham Nurseries Covent GardenFestive at Petersham Nurseries

Whilst we were in that area we did a quick walk down to the river for a mulled cider in Somerset House and into the Fortnum and Mason pop up. No time for ice skating this year but it’s lovely to see everyone else having fun.

A quick tube ride from Temple to Victoria and a short walk to Belgravia, admiring all the beautiful architecture and fast cars! we arrived at the ‘pink palace’

Peggy Porschen Cakes

I’ve been waiting to visit the Peggy Porschen shop for some pink delight for ages now and I wasn’t disappointed, you can see the shop from a distance as well as the queue to get in! to be fair though the queue was mainly of people wanting to get a selfie in the beautifully decorated doorway holding onto their delicious cup cakes. The weather was unseasonably mild for December so you could sit outside on one of their tiny tables which was a god job as there wasn’t much room inside, in fact it must be absolutely heaving in the summer.

What I didn’t realise was the shop was on the corner of a parade of lovely shops including the Joloves shop. Obviously we couldn’t resist dropping in there too to admire the styling and take in the scents.

We continued walking and within 5 or 10 minutes arrived at Sloane square so couldn’t resist a quick mooch along the Kings Road. We were pretty shattered by now so limited ourselves to a couple of our old favourites, Indian Jane and Anthropology.

We hadn’t realised that Neom have also opened a shop along there too.

So camera and phone full of images we headed home.

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