Creating our veg/flower plot

We’ve been growing veg for quite some time now but I’d been thinking for a while how lovely it would be to grow my own flowers to cut and bring into the house without ruining the look of the boarders. So as part of my planning I’d decided to have a veg plot with space for cut flowers.

The previous owners had cut out an area they had used for a veg plot, although it was only 18 months ago so still in need of quite a bit of attention. It was also a large unwieldy area which had already overgrown before we’d moved in.

We have plans to divide the large plot into smaller slightly raised beds which will be easier to keep under control. Around each individual bed we wanted gravel paths so you can get to all the plants from all sides.

To start this we firstly needed to clear the weeds! Then to level the area and make the raised beds. We used gravel boards from Wicks and tantalised timber to make the corner pegs to hold the beds in place.

Incorporated into this area we also wanted a greenhouse and potting shed which fitted into the scheme but didn’t dominate the area.

We planned the area carefully and set about creating it over quite a number of weekends.

We created the beds one at a time and started filling them with the plants I had started off in the temporary greenhouse.

I especially created one of the beds to be a dahlia bed containing as many different varieties of dahlia I could fit in.

Once we’d got started on creating and filling the beds we needs a greenhouse and toolshed to store all the garden tools. The greenhouse we were lucky to find on facebook. Someone locally was in the process of dismantling one and was offering it for sale for £50 so we jumped at the chance and bought it.

Levelling the area, we reassembled the greenhouse and had to buy a few new panels of glass but otherwise as good as new.

The shed we bought from shed store, as they had a choose your day delivery, which suited us to fit the delivery in around what we we doing.

We couldn’t resist creating a little seating area in front of the shed, for that all important cuppa whilst you are working!

Now we just need to paint the shed, membrane and gravel around and between all the beds and half the area can be considered ‘finished’ although there is no such thing as finished in the garden ?

7 thoughts on “Creating our veg/flower plot

  1. What a lot of progress you’ve made! I especially like the idea of cutting flowers in the veg patch! Looking forward to the next post! x

  2. Ah we all need a lovely spot to sit and have the all important cuppa! I’m doing the whole in/out thing at the moment, trying to get little jobs done in between showers. But that’s ok – a chance to sit and read blogs with my own cuppa. The dahlia patch is amazing – but then they’re pretty much a favourite anyway. The transformation has been a joy to watch on Instagram x

  3. Everything is looking so nice! You guys have accomplished a great deal – keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see your space develop over time.

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