Craft tutorial – knitted bag

Happy New Year to all you lovely blog followers, I have spent a very relaxing Christmas creating a new pattern for a knitted bag that will be stocked in my ETSY shop ‘studio10oxford’

I thought I’d share this tutorial with you which is a plain version which can be adapted to your own pattern or you can download my pattern from my ETSY shop.

I also stock the leather handles and fabric lining.

For the medium sized handbag which measures approx. 30cm x 20cm:


You will need 

200g of Aran weight yarn

Sew on leather handles (I use 60 cm length)

Lining fabric ( a fat quarter is the perfect size)

optional zip or other closure.

Knitted Bag

Using 4mm needles, cast on 71 sts

Knit 7 rows 1×1 rib

Next row knit

Knit 7 more rows 1×1 rib

Change to 6mm needles 

Stocking stitch (or pattern of your choice) until work measures 42cm from beg

Change to 4mm needles 

Knit 15 rows rib as at the beginning.

Cast off loosely.  

With right sides facing sew side seams..

Turn over rib edge and sew inside bag, knit row should form the top edge of the bag..

Measure the exact size of the bag and cut your fabric allowing 1cm seam allowance for the sides and bottom and allowing 3cms at the top to fold in and attach to the knitting.

Press thoroughly.

Attach the lining to the inside of the bag by pinning then. sewing invisibly to the bottom edge of the rib row inside.

Position and attach the leather handles, they are best sewn on with a thick thread such as tapestry thread.

Optional extras include adding a zip or an inside pocket or a button fastener.

Have fun and i would love to see your results on Instagram just tag @studio10oxford or @oxfordcottagegardener