Photography tips to liven up your instagram feed — flowers in a vase or out

It is lovely to have fresh flowers in the house, they are so beautiful to look at and instantly brighten your day. The trouble is, at best they will last about 2 weeks before inevitably they start to wilt and no longer look their best, so I like to photograph them. Although I only use my iphone camera, with no special lighting or lenses, the effects that can be created can still be stunning.


To capture them at their best, photographing them in their vase is an option, especially if photographed in a pretty setting with a prop or two.

However you can also go for a more casual picture, as if you’ve just returned from the flower market with large bunches of flowers and placed them down.


This picture was taken with the flowers carefully placed on a wooden board to create the illusion of a casual picture. Play around with the placing of each of the stems to give the correct effect.


In this one, I changed the background and laid the tulips on a freshly ironed piece of grey fabric. This produces a very pleasing contrast, again lay the stems to achieve the desired look, moving them around until you like the result.


I also tried a more formal approach of singling out the stems and lining them up again with the grey background. I’ve been careful to leave the leaves and stems to be less formal to balance out the look.


In this picture, I used the mirror to add background detail to make the flowers stand out.

Whichever look to choose in the end, they all have the effect of making your instagram feed look stunning.

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